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Fred Olsen cruises

We sell worldwide cruises from all cruise lines but we specialise in luxury 4 and 5-star cruises. Between us, staff and directors, we’ve cruised over 250 times. We take pride in calling ourselves 'your personal cruise consultancy'. We wouldn’t send you on any cruise we wouldn’t go on ourselves. As more and more exotic destinations are explored by the ever increasing number of cruise lines, you'll find here a brief overview of one of the most popular cruise lines, Fred Olsen.

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Fred Olsen Cruises

'Cruise in comfort and style throughout the world.'

Fred Olsen Cruises is a family-operated company, justly proud of their fleet of smaller, more intimate ships. They have perfected the art of cruising. Passengers on a Fred Olsen cruise enjoy a more personalised experience, one that is unashamedly British. For many clients, Fred Olsen’s distinction lies in the happy blend of agreeable companions and their long-serving crews, who are well-versed in ensuring you relax the moment you step aboard. Wherever you choose to cruise, you’ll soon feel part of the Fred Olsen Cruise Lines’ fraternity. As one couple, loyal members of their Oceans Club, put it: ‘We were once stood in Main Street, Gibraltar and the rain was tippling down. We looked at each other and said: “Oh, let’s go home,” and we meant the ship!’ Everyone who cruises Fred Olsen experiences the chemistry between staff and passengers that creates a sense of belonging, a genuine feeling of warmth. That’s a Fred Olsen Cruise.

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